we may encounter many defeats

We must not be defeated

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” Maya Angelou Keep following your dreams, the difference between winners and losers is in the number of times one tries 😉 What are you dreaming about?

Business Goals

Business Core Essence & Goals Alignment

Business Core Essence and Goals Alignment Not a lot of you know this, but for over 20 years I’ve been working with bringing out unique Business’ Visual Essences to life (I’m polyamorous in work too ;)). I base my approach on the combination of knowledge of corporate strategic training and branding along with business goals […]

I go beyond the barriers

I go beyond the barriers

“I go beyond the barriers to possibilities.” Louise Hay This speaks of the power of intention to me. A clearly stated action plan is half of the goal achieving process in my mind… Here’s to clarity of your vision and the Power of Intention! P. S. Did you know there’s a specific Intention Strengthening Healing […]