Women’s Healing Circle – Yoni

We had a wonderful, cozy Women’s circle yesterday with the focus on Yoni. Lots of heart felt sharing about sexuality, personal stories, education anatomical studies and technique discussions on achieving more pleasure. So wonderful to have an open forum like this to voice our views, fears, fantasies and dreams! Thank you to all that came. […]

Women's healing circle

Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – 2017/11/19

Monthly Women’s Sexual Healing Circle Workshop Invite! This circle will focus on Yoni, Vulva, Vagina – our sacred vessels of sexuality and pleasure. *** As women, we often focus a lot on giving and less – receiving… sexually we tend to be more about pleasing and less about self ❤️ love. We also don’t often […]

Vulvas and Yonis - flower illustration

Vulvas and Yonis

Vulvas and Yonis Those of use who were born with vulvas, vaginas, yonis etc… How many of us are really in touch with the power, beauty and pleasure that exists in these sacred spaces? How many are comfortable pronouncing the names? Have we looked at our vulvas in the mirror with admiration and love? Do […]