Relationship Spice

New ways to spice up relationships – workshop aftermath

New ways to spice up relationships – workshop aftermath

Had a blast at the Saturday morning breakfast workshop with incredible women! We’ve had an incredibly open and candid discussion on sexuality, relationships, ways to add more spice in and quite a few practical ideas / tools to try out at home! Look forward to hearing all about it 😉

Women Enterprenuer Summit Workshop

What an amazing 4 days I had! So excited to have been invited to speak at DoveTail Summit exclusive gathering for soulful, driven women entrepreneurs from all over North America. We had such a great time, I’ve met so many amazing people! My fear was that my subject matter may be too edgy for many […]

engaging and wonderful workshop

Engaging and Wonderful workshop

“Evguenia, huge thank you for yesterday’s evening. The workshop was very engaging and wonderful. Ladies that have felt a bit shy at first, felt completely open at the end.” I. M. Private Women’s Event I love it when people open up and share their thoughts on sexuality, connection, personal growth, struggles and love. We don’t […]

Inspired to look deeper

I’m really inspired to look deeper

“The material was very clear, well presented. It feels like we’ve touched the tip of the iceberg. I’m really inspired to look deeper.” A. S., Energy Orgasm Workshop Very grateful to be able to teach Energy Orgasms! The profound connection that is felt with the universe and oneself during Energetic Orgasms cannot be simply described by words… […]

Workshop on Polyamory

Great Polyamory Workshop

Memorable #oasisaqualounge presentation on Polyamory on Sunday night! Wonderful group, amazing discussion, deep conversations and so much growth. Never a dull moment. Thank you to everyone who came out 🙏❤️

Alice in Polyland 100% goals

Thank you!! Campaign at 100% Goal in only short 16 days!

Holly Smokes! Did I mention how grateful I am to all of you? My campaign is at $2511 which is $11 over it’s target (100+% whooping percent) and I still have 29 more days to go! YOU are simply THE BEST! I couldn’t have done this without you!!! Sending you a huge hug and a […]

Roses Thorns Kink Party

Roses & Thorns Workshop + Party Aftermath

Roses & Thorns Workshop + Kink Party Aftermath Beautifully elegant women – wearing lacy lingerie, latex, corsets and sheer clothes highlighting their curves… Sensual, empowered, open and discerning. Well dressed gentlemen – sincere, vulnerable, playful… Sumptuous foods. We had so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came out to the tour! We learned about […]

Energy Circle

Energy Magic Workshop

Happy New Year, lovely! Magic is all around us! And even though the Holiday season is pretty much over, we can continue focusing on Magic all around and within ourselves! Do you believe this quote “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” by Pierre Teilhard […]

Polyamory Workshop

Polyamory Workshop – 03/24/2019

Polyamory Workshop – 03/24/2019 And… back by popular demand  I’m happy to announce another upcoming workshop by yours truly on Polyamory at Oasis Aqualounge Where: Oasis Aqualounge When: March 24, 2019, 8.30PM Price: Free with paid club admission Polyamory translates as “Loving Many” and is a form of consensual non monogamy. This open relationship type allows […]

Re-culture our culture

Re-culture our Culture

“I’m going to work with the good info you shared with us, and ultimately, I’d like to use sexual energy in my own healing. Thanks again for sharing all of the work you’ve done to re-culture our culture which is so shut-down around sex.” S. B. I’m very honoured to be working with such courageous […]