Mega Energy Boost Food

Mega Energy Boost – Food & Water

Mega Energy Boost – Food & Water Following your requests, I’m bringing up the topic of achieving a Mega Energy Boost (#spiritsexlab_energyboost) and today we’re discussing how we can use NUTRITION & WATER to bring more energy into our fields! Each coming Tuesday, stay tuned for lots of useful info and practical tips, follow along […]

sit In the Ocean

Sit in the ocean

“Sit in the ocean. It is one of the best medicines on the planet – the water.” Nayyirah Waheed. Do you guys agree? Tell me how you use water in your life!! I love watching water as it flows by – reminding me that all worries will be washed away “This too shall pass” Creaks […]

Healing Power Nature

Healing Power of Nature

Healing Power of Nature I have always found the nature to be incredibly healing. Each plant, tree, animal and insect, they say, has a soul. These creatures live their lives fully, as some have suggested ‘below the level of thought’. This simply means that they enjoy thoughtless awareness of being in the now. Animals, tree, […]