Connection: Partner, Painting with Love – Video

Painting with Love Video In a previous post I have mentioned the Painting with Love exercise. Just in case you’d like more details on this wonderful technique – here’s my video explaining it in more detail.  Below is another one of my favorite tools to make those close to you feel loved. Love Languages Enjoy! […]

Giving & Receiving: Video

One of the most powerful ideas with regards to pleasure and sexuality that I’ve come across in my years of researching it is very simple. It’s the idea of separation of giving and receiving.

Often, we tend to engage with our lovers simultaneously into various pleasure-filled activities when we’re both giving and receiving sensations and pleasure at the same time. Though its fun and could be very rewarding, separation of giving and receiving is used a lot in Tantra, BDSM and allows each of us to fully give and fully receive the energy. 

Only 10 books left!

Can you believe it? Only 10 Alice in PolyLand Books left! Inspirational guide on transformational sensual journey from shame & suppression to unsurpassed passion, pleasure & authenticity has been selling fast! Below is a short video on what has inspired me to write this sexy book. Want to get one of the last copies? Go to:

Alice in Polyland First Impressions

Alice in PolyLand – First Impressions by Alice and Dave

Alice in PolyLand – First Impressions by Alice and Dave Want to see the moment I first look at Alice in PolyLand book and hear a few fun behind the scenes stories from Dave (main book’s character)? Well, then you’re in luck! Please watch the video below! More info about the book at

Long Distance Video Healing Session

Long Distance Video Healing and Sexual Guidance Sessions

Long Distance Video Healing and Sexual Guidance Sessions Can Energy work and Sexual Guidance be effectively done long distance? I often notice that people tend to prefer in-studio sessions. I do get it – these feel personal, physically present in the same space. On the other hand, majority of healings I have received in my life […]

Multiple Energy Orgasms - Touch Free Sexual Magic

Energy Orgasm LIVE Video Premiere!

Energy Orgasm LIVE Video Premiere Educational Video! Join me today and join the LIVE CHAT! 12.15pm EST is the time when The Multiple Energy Orgasms – Touch Free Sexual Magic video launches ( Video shows this amazingly profound phenomenon Explains Energy Orgasms are all about Contains 5 steps which would help to achieve these Subscribe […]

sex ed video promo

Sex Education and Healing Promo Video

I am happy to present my video promo with excerpts of Public Speaking and other videos on subjects of Polyamory, Energy orgasms, BDSM, Personal growth and Soulful Passion. I’m available for private parties, corporate events or smaller intimate workshop settings. Please see the range of Services I offer Here.