Happy V Day!

I’m feeling lots of gratitude towards you for reading my blog! Thank you so much! Sending you buckets of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! Whether you’re celebrating or not, with your loved ones or by yourself inside your beautiful heart – love is everywhere. It doesn’t have to look like anything specific – white […]

V Day_Spice+Love Ideas

Webinar: Valentines Day Spice + Love Ideas – February 9

Valentines Day Spice + Love Ideas Webinar – February 9th, 11.00am

Are you looking for a few fun ways to spice up or deepen your relationship? Would you like to learn a variety of ways in which you can pleasure, surprise, entice your partner or communicate your desires to them? Join me for this 1.5h webinar (live or recorded) and open your mind as to what is possible in the vast web of human pleasure experiences.



Happy Love V. Day my dear ones! On this day and always I wish you lots of love! A beautiful sea of Self love – as that is the foundation of radiating the love outward. Simple ways of loving yourselves are: Looking into your own eyes in the mirror and telling yourself: “I love you” […]