intuitive and creative healing

Intuitive and Creative

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“I’ve had the opportunity to experience Evguenia’s intuitive and creative ways of working with my energetic field and have had some incredible experiences.” S. H., Musician Thank you for your kind words, S. I love it when I’m able to facilitate awesome, incredible experiences 🙂 This life could be truly magical…  

Astral Healing

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Astral Healing Some healings are more relaxing than others. At times, when multiple emotions, beliefs and negative thoughts go unprocessed and unseen they get stored on the energetic level and start blocking the healthy energy flow. These stagnated energy blocks sometimes are seen and described by clients themselves as bricks, walls and gaping holes… Charging […]

Past Life Story

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Past Life Regression Story Sometimes, a life regression healing takes you on a ride to experience your previous reincarnations – you could be seeing a myriad of images that seem remotely familiar but have no connection to your current life. Sometimes, you may emotionally experience events without clearly seeing them. At times, you plunge into […]