energy healing testimonial

Highly recommended healing services

“Always questioning the narrative running in the background of the mind as prescribed by Evguenia has helped me immensely to overcome blocks. I couldn’t say enough about Evguenia’s professionalism and abilities and highly recommend her healing services. S. H. Thank you for this wonderful feedback!

intuitive and creative healing

Intuitive and Creative

“I’ve had the opportunity to experience Evguenia’s intuitive and creative ways of working with my energetic field and have had some incredible experiences.” S. H., Musician Thank you for your kind words, S. I love it when I’m able to facilitate awesome, incredible experiences 🙂 This life could be truly magical…  

So much more aligned

I feel so much more aligned

“I feel so much more aligned with my energy and mind now. Thank you for the “magic”, Evguenia! A. V., Marketing Strategist Very blessed and grateful to be doing this work… Thank you!

Sex Club Show and Private Tour Aftermath

My whole life’s journey has been geared towards uncovering and claiming authentic parts of myself. Allowing a little more space for what my truth it. Conquering my fears, aligning with my passions and dreams no matter what. Sadly, I have lost some people along the way. Not everyone understands me. Yet I feel so much […]

Healing Testimonial

I’m blessed with truly wonderful clients. And each of them reflects a different part of me. So their healing is also my healing… Some of the healings touch such deep places within me that I’m humbled by the teachings. And grateful. Thank you! If interested, follow the underlined link to read more testimonials on Energy […]

Self-care: Exercise - Woman doing yoga

Selfcare: Exercise

I speak to a lot of mothers and busy women who are at their wits’ end with worries, stress and responsibilities they have work-wise and around the house. I believe that good SELF-CARE is paramount when it comes to making sure you’re happy, healthy and energetic enough to spread the joy around:) For next few […]

Astral Healing

Astral Healing Some healings are more relaxing than others. At times, when multiple emotions, beliefs and negative thoughts go unprocessed and unseen they get stored on the energetic level and start blocking the healthy energy flow. These stagnated energy blocks sometimes are seen and described by clients themselves as bricks, walls and gaping holes… Charging […]

Past Life Story

Past Life Regression Story Sometimes, a life regression healing takes you on a ride to experience your previous reincarnations – you could be seeing a myriad of images that seem remotely familiar but have no connection to your current life. Sometimes, you may emotionally experience events without clearly seeing them. At times, you plunge into […]