Enslaved Goddess – November 2nd Demo Story ;)

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Enslaved Goddess – a story written by Mystique – taking place live on November 2nd!

In a land far far away, a couple (Mystique & her partner Theo) had been travelling through the foreign lands and now have gotten lost. After wandering for three days without seeing a soul and crossing a mountain range, they came across a valley with a little town, secluded from the rest of the outside world. This town was unlike anything that Mystique has ever seen before: peculiarly dressed people, strange animals, strange plants, and peculiar looking houses. These local people were advanced in every way, and creative, liberal, and “free” in their way of life.

Group sex

Group Sex Education (Threesomes, Foursomes, Orgies etc.)

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Group Sex Education (Threesomes, Foursomes, Orgies etc.) Group sex is one of the most common fantasies โ€“ the experience can bring lots of pleasure and fun. Multiple configurations are possible in conjunction with adding submission and domination, playing with the various settings and adding creativity and mystery into the mix. Group sex doesnโ€™t have to […]