Fear of the strength within

Fear of the strength within

“What drives these internal and external walls? Fear. Fear of the strength within.” www.aliceinpolyland.com Do you notice internal blockages inside that stop you from expressing who you truly are? Who’s voices are these? What do these protective walls look like? Beyond your wound, emotions and defenses lie limitless possibilities of your greatness. Share which walls […]

Aha Moments

The Aha Moments – the science of achieving insights

The Aha Moments – the science of achieving insights New research into these “aha” moments tells us a lot about how to increase the likelihood of having these moments of brilliance. And while it seems unlikely that we can control when we have an insight, it’s now very clear that we can dramatically increase the […]

Body Beloved: P1

A personal story of body shame, blame and self-hatred through to transformation. Part 1 – I hope this resonates with you guys… Please let me know your stories. “… Going down the memory lane… Growing up and being bombarded with images of what one should and should not look like… As a teenager, looking at myself […]

make you happy

Grab those things that make you happy

“Grab those things that make you happy.” Go towards what you love with strength. Imagine already having all of the wonderful experiences you’re striving towards and be grateful as those you already posses all of the happiness in the world. This seems to be direct path to manifesting all of the desires and needs. xoxo

body strength

Body Strength

Body Strength Physical health is an imperative prerequisite of living a fulfilled and happy life. We’re encouraged to eat healthy, exercise frequently and focus on staying as stress free as possible. Physical illness first manifests itself energetically and gradually permeates into the slowly vibrating fields. Similarly to how stress affects us in various physical ways, […]

storms make trees take deeper rootes


“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” Rumi Whatever you’re facing right now that may be very difficult, please remember that you can weather it. There will be a day when you’ll feel the strength and wisdom you’ve acquired through this experience. Take a few deep breaths. Ground down into the mother Earth. You’ve got this!

cancer scar

Sexy Thyroid Cancer Scar Shoot

It’s so interesting that #cancer transforms not only the body, but the whole outlook on life… Importance of health increases exponentially – just like in Maslow’s pyramid – #cancer throws one right down to the bottom of the pyramid – the survival stage… #Cancer is a great priority reminder – nothing matters more than health. […]