Energy Orgasm Explained

Energy Orgasm – Explained

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I’ve realized that many of you don’t know what Energy Orgasm is. To me, this is a pinnacle experience of multidimensional pleasure, profound depth, emotional high and intellectual explosion all at once! Could be combined with physical play, BDSM, Tantra or just enjoyed as pure spiritual experience. Falling into past lifetimes, feelings like a huge […]

Women Enterprenuer Summit Workshop

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What an amazing 4 days I had! So excited to have been invited to speak at DoveTail Summit exclusive gathering for soulful, driven women entrepreneurs from all over North America. We had such a great time, I’ve met so many amazing people! My fear was that my subject matter may be too edgy for many […]

Newsletter Sign Up

Social Media Censorship – Newsletter sign up

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Hi lovelies, as some of you may know, Social Media channels have been tightening censorship around Sexuality related topics. I have personally been warned twice on FB and IG that my account @Spiritsexlab may be deleted. I try to follow the Community Guidelines the best I can, yet I see multiple wonderful pages being completely […]

energy orgasm models

Female Models Needed

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Magical opportunity 😉 You know how I’ve been teaching Energy Orgasms (profound, touch free spiritually pleasure-filled experiences that allow for multiple orgasms for any gender)? I’ve been so lucky to have filmed a few of them with my wonderful clients, all of which were men. To watch, please see them here: I’d love to […]

trust in dreams

Trust in Dreams

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“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” Khalil Gibran What are your dreams? Did you know that there’s a very strong energetic technique to manifest dreams into reality? The name of the technique is Grounding and the Description is in the link below: Please like and tag those who […]