Meaning of Life – Be alive

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It’s so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushed around in a great panic, as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” Alan Watts What is the meaning of life for you?

Energy Orgasm – Video

Energy orgasms are amazing phenomena that could be achieved touch free as part of a healing sessions package… Energy Orgasm Sage scented slightly darkened room… Candle light, comfortable massage table covered with a satin dark red sheet, plush soft maroon pillow… A handsome, fully clothed man wearing white cotton pants and t-shirt is laying on […]

Mega Energy Boost Sexuality

Mega Energy Boost – Sexuality & Love

Sexuality / Love We’re continuing with our topic of achieving a Mega Energy Boost (or how to live our best lives, vibrating at high, powerful and positive frequencies)#spiritsexlab_energyboost and today I’d like to focus on the topic of SEXUALITY + LOVE! Each coming Tuesday, stay tuned for lots of useful info and practical tips, please […]

The Bear and the Kitten – Erotica

Guess what I was doing yesterday? I kept crying non stop as I was finalizing the imagery for Alice in PolyLand book ( Why you ask? The book contains three photos with my ex! And with the recent break up – the process of smoothing out the skin, adding color balance and contrast was bringing […]

higher states of consciousness

Sexuality and Higher States of Consciousness

“Sexuality is a great gateway to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth & ultimately love.” Physical sexual connections could be fun. Emotionally close sexual connections add a lot of depth. Involving play connected to fantasies, creativity and interesting stimulating concepts add an extra layer to the connection. Imagine adding an element of spirituality, […]

sexuality book

Alice in PolyLand – vast sexual landscape

“Alice in PolyLand is an informative book written by Evguenia of Spirit Sex Lab, an accredited energy therapist and sex educator. The book is laid out in easy to follow chapters – Unicors (couples and bisexual women), Be Still (Domination and Submission), Energy Orgasm (Tantric Energy Play), etc. ” Alex Dark True, I wanted to […]

Multiple Energy Orgasms - Touch Free Sexual Magic

Energy Orgasm LIVE Video Premiere!

Energy Orgasm LIVE Video Premiere Educational Video! Join me today and join the LIVE CHAT! 12.15pm EST is the time when The Multiple Energy Orgasms – Touch Free Sexual Magic video launches ( Video shows this amazingly profound phenomenon Explains Energy Orgasms are all about Contains 5 steps which would help to achieve these Subscribe […]

Newsletter Sign Up

Social Media Censorship – Newsletter sign up

Hi lovelies, as some of you may know, Social Media channels have been tightening censorship around Sexuality related topics. I have personally been warned twice on FB and IG that my account @Spiritsexlab may be deleted. I try to follow the Community Guidelines the best I can, yet I see multiple wonderful pages being completely […]

Interview Bed Post Podcast

Interview – Bed Post Podcast

Interview – Bed Post Podcast Listen to an Interview with me as I join the amazing Erin from The Bed Post Podcast! We talk about having multiple energy orgasms, what mindfulness and BDSM have in common, and ways to bring more self love and sensual confidence into one’s life. Absolutely loved our discussion! Thank you […]