Relationship Spice

Relationship Spice Workshop

Just wanted to quickly remind you guys about the upcoming Relationship Spice workshop. I’ve been married for 22 years – and let me tell you – keeping the passion sizzling hot in long term relationships requires a lot of work. It’s actually a fun, playful type of project that you can take onto yourself to […]

Spicy Fantasies

Spicy Fantasies – Reader’s Tips

Some of us have spicy fantasies that we’re unaware of, or Fantasies that we’re afraid to share with our partners for the fear of being misunderstood or rejected. Below are my wonderful blog reader’s Mora’s tips on how to liven up the energy between partners while playing out their newly found fantasies and enjoying open […]

Orgasm on demand

Orgasm on Demand – Erotica

Orgasm on Demand Sex Club. Evening. Different types of rope, floggers, nipple clamps, vibrators and other toys from sensual heaven – all beautifully laid out on the old wooden table, eager to be used for play. Hedon takes a very long piece of slick red rope and starts creating an intricate Hishi Karada pattern on […]

relationship spice

Relationship Spice

Relationship Spice I have been married for 26 years… I know, I know – people don’t live that long 😉 The truth is, I’ve lived longer with my husband, then I have ever been on my own. Yet every day I discover something new about myself or him. We are, after all perfect mirrors for […]

adding spice and playfulness to relationships

Relationship Spice Workshop – Aftermath

Relationship Spice Workshop – Aftermath Thank you so much to everyone who came out to yesterday’s workshop at Good for Her. It was a small, cozy circle of open, self-aware and amazing people! We have explored so much – our turn ons and turn offs and how to use these findings to bring more excitement […]

adding spice and playfulness to relationships

Upcoming Workshop: Relationship Spice

One more upcoming workshop (time to focus on pleasure and higher vibrating energies) : Adding Spice and Playfulness into Established Relationships. Once a New Relationship Energy dissipates (that feeling of being in love and in lust you initially get with a new partner), it’s normal to feel less excitement with regards to an established relationship… […]

adding spice and playfulness to relationships

Adding Spice and Playfulness Workshop – 2018/02/08

Upcoming Workshop at Good for Her – Adding Spice and Playfulness to Established Relationships Long term  relationships are great source of comfort, love and support for so many of us. However, sexual relationships often suffer from monotony and predictability over time. Learn the reasons why a long term relationship love life can suffer and what […]

sex education workshops

Relationship Spice, Sex Club Tour + Group Sex Presentation – Aftermath

11:11 was a busy day for me… I had three sexy and delicious events running back to back! It was an amazing experience! From teaching “How to Spice up Long Term Relationships” at a beautiful and inviting @goodforher store for a great open-minded crowd to leading a private tour and a Group Sex workshop at […]

Huge Change

“It was like a light switch turned on. I didn’t turn into a sappy mess in my profession, but I did start pouring good energy and strong focus into my personal life. After being so open and honest, I felt like I could finally see a path to what I wanted. This was a huge […]

Self Care video on sexuality

Self Care Sexuality

Self Care: Sexuality I speak to a lot of mothers and busy people who are at their wits’ end with worries, stress and responsibilities they have work-wise and around the house. I believe that good SELF-CARE is paramount when it comes to making sure you’re happy, healthy and energetic enough to spread the joy around:) […]