Shared experiences and stories

Shared experiences and stories “I enjoyed how the whole session but spaces & times where participants spared their stories / experiences was the highlight of the session. S. H. Monthly Women’s Circle Couldn’t agree more. I love the supportive, sex-positive open sharing that always happens during our small Meditation Circles! Next one – unisex! Announcement […]

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Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – Aftermath

9 beautifully open, soulful women. Danced. Cried. Laughed. We shared a lot of personal stories, chatted about relationships, self love, confidence and sexuality. Learned techniques on how to manifest our desires, bring more love and sexiness into our lives. Looking forward to our next one – will announce the date soon.

Loved attending Women's Circle

Loved Attending Women’s Circle

“Evguenia, I loved attending Women’s Circle session. It was really useful and I loved hearing about your and others’ experiences at the workshop; as well as the exercises you did. It’s a really great initiative.” S. H. It’s beautiful to be surrounded by like-minded folks. The feminine energy gets magnified and becomes stronger as women share […]

Women's Healing Circle

Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – Aftermath

My heart is full of gratitude, love, openness and pleasure from connecting to Seven beautiful women from today’s Women’s Circle! My second chakra is pretty charged too lol We had a full house of amazingly beautiful, sexual, wise, open and fearless women! We’ve shared stories, laughed, learned new Tantric techniques, experienced pleasure and danced to […]

Women's Healing Circle

Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – 2017/10/15

Women’s Sexual Healing Circle Workshop Invite! As women, we often focus a lot on giving and less – receiving… sexually we tend to be more about pleasing and less about self ❤️ love. We also don’t often talk about sexuality and yet we have so much to share and learn from each other. I feel […]