Sea inside of me

Sea inside of me

“I want you to drink the sea inside of me.” Nayyirah Waheed Yessss! And for many of us – the sea spills outside too lol Tag your loved ones, like and share the sexy vibes! Comment if you can relate.

Sex so Good

Sex so good

“Sex so good it fixes my attitude problems.” Haha. Yes, can you relate? Please like and tag those who may 😉

Me. You. Bed. Now.

Me. You.

“Me. You. Bed. Now.” Raimonda B. Current Mood 🙂 Please like, tag & share with those you feel passionately about!

I am so good

I am so good

“I am so good I scream out my name during sex.” Haha. Know someone like this? Please like, tag and share xoxo



“Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire.” I love the sexual play that starts in our minds. Touching someone’s fantasy world, distilling the essence of their desires, needs, wants and turn ons. Knowing your own preferences and dreams is great. Communicating with your partner about these – awesome. Playing […]

I know I'm a handful

I know I’m a handful

“I know I’m a handful but that’s why you got two hands.” Hehe. Among other things 😉 Tag someone you know who needs to see this! xoxo