we shouldn't be doing this

We shouldn’t be doing this

“Let’s do some we shouldn’t be doing this things.” Rebellion could be sweet and sexy 😉 Follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to dance to your own music.

your clothes would look nice on my bedroom floor

Bedroom floor

“Your clothes would look nice on my bedroom floor.” The Love Notebook Who’s feeling this? Please like and share 😉

workship and tease

Worship and Tease

#Worship & #Tease – my favourite combination… Photo: ModernX Hair/Make up: Dio Mua Growing up I had a very #conservative upbringing and naturally couldn’t communicate my #desires and preferences as well as dislikes to my #lovers because for one – I had no idea what they were… Also, I believed that my needs were not […]

prostate play and strap on

Prostate Play and Strap on Basics Workshop – 05/26/2018

Prostate Play and Strap on Basics Workshop – 05/26/2018 I’m happy to announce my upcoming workshop on Prostate Play and Strap on Basics at The Nookie Where: The Nookie, 827 College Street in Toronto (College & Ossington) When: May 26, 2018 Time: 8-10pm Price: $25 (please Purchase the tickets here) Prostate massage may give a partner […]

sexy lunch

Sexy Lunch – Erotica

Sexy Lunch – Erotica Café. Lunch time. Taking a break from work. Alice and G. are sitting in front of each other, talking, looking like an ordinary couple having a quiet meal. You, my dear reader, must know by now that things are not always what they seem… Especially when it comes to Alice… She […]

desire surprise

Elements of Desire: Surprise

Elements of Desire: Surprise For some of us in long term relationships, a common issue that tends to surface in a year or few of being together is monotony… Perhaps, a loss of desire, slightly cooler connection etc. All of these changes are usually a sign of a different chapter of the common book a […]

Exciting Photo shoot

Just did an exciting photo shoot for two great upcoming Kink Parties at which I will also teach a few lucky people on how to take sensation play to an even deeper level with Erotic Energy Magic… More details coming soon. Happy with these photos by @Photobian!