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Get the support you deserve

I’m so excited about LimitLESS group that is continuing in 2023! It’s comprised of a small group of incredible humans supporting each other through open conversations about relationships, personal growth and sexuality.

Welcome to the New You!

It’s January 2023, the start of another incredible year! Many of us set goals for ourselves: personally, relationally and professionally. I love dividing personal goal setting into 4 categories: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Growth/change in each of these dimensions could be so fulfilling and take you to next level of the NEW YOU! We could also set relational goals (with self and others) to embrace more self compassion, self love, partnered connection, communication, release of ruminating thoughts/stress and even more pleasure!

Taboo Show: Starting tomorrow!

It’s the final countdown… T-Minus 1 day until Taboo begins, and I can’t wait to see you at the Taboo show in Toronto (Everything about sex show) October 14-16.

Taboo Show: Evguenia’s Workshops

It’s the final countdown… T-Minus 2 days until Taboo begins, and I can’t wait to see you at the Taboo show in Toronto (Everything about sex show) October 14-16.

Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification – Last Call!

It’s the final countdown… T-Minus 3 days until Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification training begins, and this Wednesday is the last day to register!
We have 1 spot left, and if you’re reading this then I think this spot has your name on it!
Here’s why I think you should be there, and why Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification is different (and better)…

LimitLESS FREE Webinar tonight

Limitless is designed to help you connect authentically and explore together, to give you multiple diverse perspectives on yourself and your life, to give you a place to share, and process life outside of friends and family. To give you bi-weekly deeply authentic “me” time.

LimitLESS – Life changing session

One of the most memorable days during last LimitLESS group was when everyone has shared a sexual deviant within. Who would you be if you were not afraid to show your true self? Would you be more submissive and feminine, rough and primal, slutty and eager to please? Our group was incredibly artistic and we marveled at honest and powerful photos, sketches and videos that were shared. Some of us wanted to experiment with other gender identities, others wanted to explore nudist community experiences and switching on the BDSM spectrum. This session was so deeply moving for us all, we felt more accepted and liberated to be who we are deep down inside, more open to experiment and play and take steps to achieve our goals.