openly talk about sex

Openly Talk about Sex

“I like the warm atmosphere. Enjoy hearing other women’s experiences and to be around people who can openly talk about sex and themselves as I learn to do it myself. I loved all exercises!” K. S. Monthly Women’s Circle Sex is such a taboo subject in our society that giving ourselves a permission to talk […]

women's circle

Women’s Circle on Communications: 2017/12/10

Monthly Women’s Sexual Healing Circle Workshop Invite! This Women’s circle will focus on Communications (how to bring up your needs, fantasies and issues with the partner in a non defensive/loving way). *** As women, we often focus a lot on giving and less – receiving… sexually we tend to be more about pleasing and less […]

sexy communication

Q & A: Sexy Communication

Communication Question: “Evguenia, I tend to be a bit shy when I try to communicate my fantasies and needs to my husband. How can approach this subject and not feel embarrassed or burst into laughter? E. F.” Answer: E., thank you very much for reaching out! Communicating our needs (especially sexual fantasies, turn ons and […]