higher states of consciousness

Sexuality and Higher States of Consciousness

“Sexuality is a great gateway to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth & ultimately love.” www.aliceinpolyland.com Physical sexual connections could be fun. Emotionally close sexual connections add a lot of depth. Involving play connected to fantasies, creativity and interesting stimulating concepts add an extra layer to the connection. Imagine adding an element of spirituality, […]

Roses Thorns Kink Party

Roses & Thorns Workshop + Party Aftermath

Roses & Thorns Workshop + Kink Party Aftermath Beautifully elegant women – wearing lacy lingerie, latex, corsets and sheer clothes highlighting their curves… Sensual, empowered, open and discerning. Well dressed gentlemen – sincere, vulnerable, playful… Sumptuous foods. We had so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came out to the tour! We learned about […]

Roses Thorns Kink Party

Roses & Thorns Kink Party Reminder

KINK PARTY + TOUR Hi Lovely, have you ever had fantasies that were kinky and a bit deviant :)? Do you have a desire to learn more about BDSM, play and watch some amazing scenes? Would you like to come out to an exclusive invitation-only event and meet like-minded people? Then this gathering is for […]

Multiple Energy Orgasms - Touch Free Sexual Magic

Energy Orgasm LIVE Video Premiere!

Energy Orgasm LIVE Video Premiere Educational Video! Join me today and join the LIVE CHAT! 12.15pm EST is the time when The Multiple Energy Orgasms – Touch Free Sexual Magic video launches (https://youtu.be/vxaJAjUORkM) Video shows this amazingly profound phenomenon Explains Energy Orgasms are all about Contains 5 steps which would help to achieve these Subscribe […]

Sea inside of me

Sea inside of me

“I want you to drink the sea inside of me.” Nayyirah Waheed Yessss! And for many of us – the sea spills outside too lol Tag your loved ones, like and share the sexy vibes! Comment if you can relate.

Events December

Upcoming Events – December

Help me spread the pleasure, sensuality and spirit all over the world 🙂 Join the events, tell your friends!!! Let’s sexy up our lives lol

Female Energy Orgasm touch free with squirting

Unbelievable but true! Energy orgasms bring so much profound depth, pleasure and joy! They also at times come with physical ejaculation 🙂 Hands free, touch free, fully clothed! Why do you ask? I’ll tell you. We are beings of energy, light and vibrations. A few sneak pics from past two video shoots (available soon)   […]

Sex Club Tour

Private Guided Sex Club Tour – 09/07/12018

Guided Sex Club Tour Have you always wanted to see what happens behind the closed doors of adult playground clubs but were to chicken to try ;)? I have a perfect solution for you then – please join me for the night of guided exploration. This is an 1.5h adventure during which I meet you […]

sex senses couples

Six Senses – Sensual Couple’s Journey

Enjoy a Sensual Adventure for Couples – right in time for the Holidays! Experience each other through Six Senses, rediscover your love and reignite the passion: Memorable and Tantalizing multi sensory guided exploration (one partner giving, another receiving) Balancing, relaxing and charging couples’ healing session Exercises and guided experientials to tune into each others frequencies […]