Self Care: Meditation

I speak to a lot of mothers and busy women who are at their wits’ end with worries, stress and responsibilities they have work-wise and around the house. I believe that good SELF-CARE is paramount when it comes to making sure you’re happy, healthy and energetic enough to spread the joy around:) For next few […]

Don’t Judge Me

“Don’t judge me – I was born to be awesome, not perfect.” Unknown Exactly!! Woo-hoo. Who else feels this way? Please like and share.

Your Best Teacher

“Your best teacher is your last mistake.” Do you blame yourself for making mistakes? Sometimes I wonder if there’s a balance between taking the responsibility for making a mistake and setting an improvement goal while still loving and accepting myself… Unconditional self-love!! Thoughts?

Self Care: Perfection

Perfection Some great discussions we’ve head lately – on the topics of self care, self-love and image. “What happens”, someone has recently asked, “if I’m not happy with my reflection in the mirror? If what I see does not esthetically correspond to what I think beautiful is? Could it be that people who love themselves […]

Conquer from within

“Conquer from within.” Unknown Whenever a difficult situation strikes – what is our typical response? To assign blame? Act as a victim? We try really hard to improve the other person and at those moments it’s really hard for us to see we possibly have contributed to the issue… Usually the issues we are facing […]

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself The process of removing blocks associated with the stored shame and guilt comes down to identifying those parts of ourselves that are still hurting. Getting in touch with them, naming these blocks (or frozen consciousness) and loving ourselves enough to melt down any of the negative self-images, emotions and judgements… Awareness and a […]