me wanting myself

Me wanting myself

“You not wanting me was the beginning of me wanting myself.” Nayyirah Waheed Are you there to pick yourself up if something hurtful happens to you? When life gets out of balance, do you bring yourself down with self hate or lift yourself up with self love? At times it’s hard to find dysfunctional, immature […]

listen to yourself

Listen to Yourself

Looking deep #inside #myself. #Connecting. Our body has all of the answers. When I close my eyes, #breathe in and ask for my internal #world to reveal itself – it does. It just takes a moment to get #still. To give it #attention, give it a voice. A little girl – how is my #innerchild […]

pride: be you

Pride: Be You

June is a Pride month and in support, I wanted to say: Please be you. We are unique, diverse and vibrant. Feel deeply within yourself – find what your passions and fantasies are and embrace them. Communicate with your partner(s) if you’re in a relationship – don’t be afraid to share your wants. They may surprise […]