find yourself first

Find Yourself

“Go find yourself first. So you can also find me.” Rumi We are all mirrors to each other: What you love about me and others is your Golden Shadow – part of your beautiful essence that may still be hidden from you. What you dislike about me or others that trigger you the most is […]



“There’s a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi There’s a voice inside each of us that speaks the truth. It’s not the judgemental voice that bashes ourselves, that’s our SuperEgo. It’s not the loud angry one that experiences fear and wants separation, that’s our Lower Self It’s not the wounded, sad, playful or defensive […]


Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other.” Rumi I believe that we are meant to be with people we meet and form deep connections with. To learn from, to grow, to experience, to exchange energy – give and receive. I believe that each person we meet fits as a beautiful puzzle piece into […]


The door is wide open

” Why do you stay in prison. When the door is so wide open.” Rumi I often notice how I myself limit put limits on what I can and cannot achieve. The inner voice inside my head tells me I’m not good enough, can’t do something etc. We can change this by questioning this voice […]



“Where there is ruin. There is hope for a treasure.” Rumi How true! Any “negative” experience I’ve had – always came with a few positive outcomes and many valuable teachings! In fact, whenever I feel like a victim of circumstances or just simply don’t like what is happening, I try very hard to find three […]

only from the heart can you touch the sky

From the heart

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” Rumi Lately I’ve been thinking a lot on how we affect each other on a smaller scale (within families) or larger (societies). There’s a lot of unseen interactions happening in the spaces between us – we constantly affect each other with energetic exchanges. A lot of […]

Close our eyes, fall in love

Fall in love, stay there

“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.” Rumi Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just be content with our own capacity to create and emanate love? Do you think it’s possible? It’s fascinating to think that whenever we fall in love with others, we just are able to see that beautiful loving essence […]

open your hands

Open your hands

“Open your hands if you want to be held.” Rumi How do you understand this quote? I think for me the meaning is if you’re asking for help, be open and receptive to nourishment that is coming your way. There are plenty of times when we do need help and are looking to be held. […]

the wound is the place where the light enters

The wound

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi Every time we react very strongly to a situation or an event, there’s a possibility that a Wounded Child in us that is asking for love. Experiencing a wound may be an opportunity for us to heal parts of ourselves that feel unloved, broken or lost. […]