find yourself first

Find Yourself

“Go find yourself first. So you can also find me.” Rumi We are all mirrors to each other: What you love about me and others is your Golden Shadow – part of your beautiful essence that may still be hidden from you. What you dislike about me or others that trigger you the most is […]



“The soul of the soul of the universe is love.” Rumi The very fabric we’re made of is love. BTW, did you know that 99.9% of your body is empty space? Who’s there to say it’s not love ;)?

pains messengers

Pains are Messengers

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” Rumi Was just listening to Tony Robbins audio books on personal growth and he mentions that negative emotions serve a very powerful purpose: they signal that a change is needed. What should we do once we notice this signal? Listen, accept and utilize it. He suggests […]



“There’s a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi There’s a voice inside each of us that speaks the truth. It’s not the judgemental voice that bashes ourselves, that’s our SuperEgo. It’s not the loud angry one that experiences fear and wants separation, that’s our Lower Self It’s not the wounded, sad, playful or defensive […]


Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other.” Rumi I believe that we are meant to be with people we meet and form deep connections with. To learn from, to grow, to experience, to exchange energy – give and receive. I believe that each person we meet fits as a beautiful puzzle piece into […]


The door is wide open

” Why do you stay in prison. When the door is so wide open.” Rumi I often notice how I myself limit put limits on what I can and cannot achieve. The inner voice inside my head tells me I’m not good enough, can’t do something etc. We can change this by questioning this voice […]

we are born of love

We are born of Love

“We are born of Love” Rumi Spiritual teachings often mention that we live in duality: black and white, good and bad… Love is the opposite side of Fear. It’s hard, but in each moment we have a choice to make – to align with love or fear, connect or reject, support or judge. The choice […]

storms make trees take deeper rootes


“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” Rumi Whatever you’re facing right now that may be very difficult, please remember that you can weather it. There will be a day when you’ll feel the strength and wisdom you’ve acquired through this experience. Take a few deep breaths. Ground down into the mother Earth. You’ve got this!

keep breaking you heart

Keep breaking your heart

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.” Rumi The more pain we face in life, the larger our capacity for weathering the pain becomes… Painful experiences strengthen our container for compassion, kindness and care. Nothing is lost – the energy that goes into processing the lows builds our inner strength to experience […]

raise your words

Raise Your Words

Yesterday’s Polyamory Workshop went very well. What an amazing crowd!! Awesome participation. We’ve covered topics of Jealousy, Scheduling, Boundaries , Safe sex and much more! We even had a live demo graciously offered by one of the awesome workshop participants on how to turn a condom into a dental dam in a sexy move using […]