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Relationship Spice: Meet my wonderful client P. F.

I went work with Evguenia because I didn’t want to risk my relationship getting stale. We are both very adventurous (and a little conservative) and wanted to expand our ways of connection. I was mostly curious about energy orgasms as it was completely outside my understanding and I wanted to experience them myself and also guide my wife to have them.

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Spice and Vaginal Orgasms Workshop – Aftermath

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Sunday’s Workshop on Deepening Relationships and learning more on G-Spot Orgasms. We had an amazing group of open-minded and -hearted folks. So much sharing and connecting took place! We have covered a great deal of information, went through a few connective experientials and everyone has […]

Relationship Spice

Relationship Spice Workshop – 06/16/18

Relationship Spice Workshop – 06/16/18 I’m happy to announce my upcoming workshop on Relationship Spice at The Nookie Where: The Nookie, 827 College Street in Toronto (College & Ossington) When: June 16, 2018 Time: 8-10pm Price: $25 (please Purchase the tickets here) Long term relationships are great source of comfort, love and support. Over time, however, […]