find a unicorn

Q & A: How to Find a Unicorn

Q & A: How to Find a Unicorn   B: Dear Evguenia, we’re a couple looking for a unicorn. Please let us know the best way to find one. B. H. A.: Dear B., thank you for your question! Just to clarify for everyone reading the post – Unicorn you’re looking for is not a […]

energy orgasm

Energetic Orgasm

“It was very interesting for us to explore energetic orgasm phenomenon! Evguenia is a real professional and very kind person to work with. Thank you so much for invitation.” P. H. Thank you very much! I feel honored to be teaching this work! Energy Orgasms are amazingly deep and profound experiences that may change your […]

energy orgasm

Energy Orgasm – Erotica

Energy Orgasm – Erotica Overwhelmed, elated, emotional… Is it really true? Could a strong connection like this exist? Such an amazing alignment… Energetically, sexually, emotionally and mentally. She finally manifested Him… so it must be true. Alice was stimulating his prostate… Pegging, then playing with his cock while touching this magical spot inside of him […]