Wonderful Group of Open-Minded Sexy People

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Chatting with multiple people who’d love to come to the Alice in Wonderland Party is bringing me so much joy! So beautiful to be able to guide open minded and hearted people into a sensual Fantasy space and let them see, possibly experience all that Kink, Tantra, Spiritual Sexuality and Steamy play has to offer.

Everything you can imagine is real

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“Everything you can imagine is real”.
Pablo Picasso

I am imagining a world without a judgement, where people are free to be themselves. A world in which we can play, create, experience joy and pleasure without the feelings of guilt,  or shame. Want to create a world just like that with me? Join in co-creating the sensually mystical experience on August 17th. 

Apply to join: https://mailchi.mp/2386cd7698d1/aliceinpolyland

Love Posesses

Love is sufficient unto love

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“Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for the love is sufficient unto love.”

Khalil Gibran

In my soul I believe this statement to be true, but isn’t it difficult to let go of the possessiveness aspect of what we call love in our society? How easy or difficult is it for you to allow your loved ones to do as they see fit, perhaps share them sexually, emotionally? And if it difficult – do you still choose to allow them to be free and work through your own struggles or do you like the idea being possessive and possessed :)?

Amazing work

Alice, you do amazing work!

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“Alice, you do amazing work! Great teaching skills and abilities and I was intrigued and checked out your website and the videos. Informative ad insightful. Great work!” B. S. Social Media Follower Thank you! So happy to receive these testimonials! You know what my most popular services are? Energy Orgasms experience package and Personal Transformation […]

The night of inspiration, magic and beauty!

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The Darling Mansion Ever since I’ve laid my eyes on this incredible, sensual, artistic and exquisite space, I’ve been in awe… A few months back, I was invited to teach at a high end sensual women’s event at this gorgeous venue… I’ve fallen in love ever since. What can 40 guests expect from the August […]

Energy Orgasm – Video

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Energy orgasms are amazing phenomena that could be achieved touch free as part of a healing sessions package… Energy Orgasm Sage scented slightly darkened room… Candle light, comfortable massage table covered with a satin dark red sheet, plush soft maroon pillow… A handsome, fully clothed man wearing white cotton pants and t-shirt is laying on […]