Lets Play Love

Let’s Play – Love

Hi there lovely! I noticed we haven’t had Let’s Play section (#spiritsexlabplay) for a while now! I miss it, how about you?The idea is to connect playfully to share ideas, experiment with pleasure, sensations, tease, seduction, spirituality to bring more spice, fun and passion into our lives! Are you up for a challenge? ? Today, I’d […]


Love is sufficient onto love

“Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for the love is sufficient onto love.” Khalil  Gibran Our society has it all wrong. It equates love with possessiveness… In actuality the truth of the matter is letting our loved ones be free and allowing love to flow out of its own accord is the natural […]

Polyamory 101

Polyamory Workshop at York University

Polyamory 101 Workshop Feeling very grateful about presenting at Women and Trans Centre (York University) @ Glendon College last night! Such an amazingly open, deep and loving group of people. It was an absolute pleasure connecting and teaching! Want to know more about Poly? Most of us have been raised with the cultural expectations of meeting […]

Sex Club Tour

Comfortable, enjoyable, safe

Sex Club Tour Feedback ” I enjoyed how comfortable you made everyone feel as how thoroughly you looked after us and made sure the group stayed together and was fully informed. Much Appreciated! A. F. Private Adult Club tour participant Adult club is the place of no judgement, lots of sexy energy and so many […]

Group sex

Group Sex Education (Threesomes, Foursomes, Orgies etc.)

Group Sex Education (Threesomes, Foursomes, Orgies etc.) Group sex is one of the most common fantasies – the experience can bring lots of pleasure and fun. Multiple configurations are possible in conjunction with adding submission and domination, playing with the various settings and adding creativity and mystery into the mix. Group sex doesn’t have to […]