Mega Energy Boost

Mega Energy Boost – Energy System

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Mega Energy Boost Do you, at times, feel like you’re running low on energy? Perhaps, you may feel stuck, stagnated and out of balance? Would you like to learn a few practical tips on boosting your energy levels? “Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein As a professional and accredited Energy Therapist / Graduate […]

sex is about power

Sex is about Power

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“Everything in the world is about sex, except sex is about power.” Oscar Wilde Aligning with the sexual force within is very empowering. Fantasizing, creating and playing around with various concepts and going outside of the regular routine (PIV – Penis in Vagina) brings lots of excitement, empowerment and self exploration! How do you experience […]

Intention Manifestation

Intention Manifestation

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Intention Manifestation Often, we struggle with intention manifestation regardless of how much we’d like to achieve something. Aligned Level of Intention (yet another dimension of our energetic configuration) helps one manifest their dreams and embody their passions. Intention healing includes a few very powerful techniques on bringing one’s fantasies and hopes into the reality. Experience the […]

Women's Healing Circle

Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – Aftermath

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My heart is full of gratitude, love, openness and pleasure from connecting to Seven beautiful women from today’s Women’s Circle! My second chakra is pretty charged too lol We had a full house of amazingly beautiful, sexual, wise, open and fearless women! We’ve shared stories, laughed, learned new Tantric techniques, experienced pleasure and danced to […]