super helpful

Super Helpful

“She listened and was super helpful. Will be making this a regular thing!” D. S. Mmmm… I love positive feedback 🙂 I live to serve!

Amazing teacher and healer

Amazing teacher and healer

My clients are too kind to me 🙂 “… Evguenia is an amazing teacher and healer. Her personality makes talking about sex and desires so natural and esy. She has broad knowledge and experience to answer all the questions and concerns which one might have.” K. S.  

testimonial on a healing session

More Energized and Balanced

“Following the session I felt more energized and balanced. I think I was more content with myself and the outside world. I really enjoyed the session and will recommend it to anybody – at least try it!” Yes, that pretty much sums it up. During our Healing Sessions I often focus on Charging, repairing and balancing […]