adding spice and playfulness to relationships

Relationship Spice Workshop

Join me for the Relationship Spice Workshop this coming Thursday at Good for Her. To purchase tickets, please go to: Long term  relationships are great source of comfort, love and support for so many of us. However, sexual relationships often suffer from monotony and predictability over time. Learn the reasons why a long term relationship […]

abandance of femininity

Alice Exudes an abundance of femininity

“Alice (Evguenia) exudes an abundance of femininity, power, and playfulness and is one of the most daring, sensual, and fun women I have ever met.” A. V., Financial Director P. S. This was such a fun Private Sex Club tour – thank you to all who joined me!


Human Energy Field: Soul

A Soul… One’s Essence… The part of us that always has been and always will be. A star. The higher consciousness. All of us come to earth with a unique calling, a beautiful purpose. Deep down inside, on a different level – an expansive and majestic energetic star rests as a reminder of where we’ve […]


Help opening up and addressing the real person

“I am skeptic turned believer. It’s not rocket science, but it takes the right kind of person to help you open up and address the real you. Whatever struggles you face in real life, I highly recommend giving Evguenia a chance to get to know you. She’s a kind soul with a good heart, and […]

sex education workshops

Relationship Spice, Sex Club Tour + Group Sex Presentation – Aftermath

11:11 was a busy day for me… I had three sexy and delicious events running back to back! It was an amazing experience! From teaching “How to Spice up Long Term Relationships” at a beautiful and inviting @goodforher store for a great open-minded crowd to leading a private tour and a Group Sex workshop at […]

Sex Club show invite

Sex Club Show and Private Tour

Please mark your calendars! October 7th, 11pm is going to be an amazing fantasy show by yours truly and a gorgeous model. I will cover a few ways one could play at a club using elements of BDSM Consent, safe words and soft and hard limits Right on the spot viewers will come up with […]