Alice in PolyLand Party Part 3

Alice in PolyLand Party Part 2

Remember the Ice Breaker Game cards? I was so happy to see people connecting, approaching each other, chatting and so much more! One of the guests has interpreted the “dare to consensually kiss” card as something a lot more intimate, offered it to one of her play friends and happily retreated into a sex positive area 😉 It was such a hot scene!

Alice in PolyLand Party Part 2

Guests start to arrive – oh my what wonderful costumes they have on! So many sexy red queens in beautiful lingerie / dresses / costumes. Skirts made out of playing cards, little crowns on their heads. So many cats and kittens with incredible makeup and body paints, high end tuxedo sharp looking gentlemen, also wearing leather suits and ladies in sensual lingerie / tutus.

feeling incredible

Still feeling incredible

“Still feeling incredible after an adventurous, fun, sensual night, guided by Alice.Gracefully and skillfully, Alice guided the first-time-curious-souls through the labyrinth of eyebrow-raising scenes and raw sensual desires, all the while ensuring comfort of all of the participants. One couldn’t ask for a more masterful guide!

Thank you! How was your experience?

If you’ve come out to Alice in PolyLand party this past Saturday – please check your inbox and let me know how your experience went! I’ll love you forever xoxo

Through the Looking Glass Newsletter

Through the Looking Glass Newsletter

Just a quick note – I have sent out all of the information with regards to Alice in PolyLand August 17th Party – Schedule, Guided Stations information, Guidelines and personalized Station schedules. If you’re registered for the party and haven’t received the information please let me know <3

Spirit Sex Lab presents: “Through the Looking Glass” – Saturday August 17th (SOLD OUT)

Join us as we explore our deep-seated desires in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.

We are only accepting 40 people to this event. With such a small group and so many gorgeous rooms in The Darling Mansion, there will be ample opportunity for play and socializing in a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere.
For those new to kink, we will have Master Guides on hand to facilitate your first taste of BDSM. Activities could include flogging, spanking, bondage, tickling, foot worship and soulfully sensual exchanges… the choice is yours!

Spirit Sex Lab Newsletter – Through the Looking Glass

Spirit Sex Lab newsletter – Through the Looking Glass Are you part of Spirit Sex Lab family? Just sent out all of the juicy details about the August 17th Sensual Fantasy Play Party! P. S. Just yesterday I was banned from FB for a day for posting a sensual shot… Imagine my account would get […]

Alice in PolyLand Elite Fantasy Sensual Play Party – August 17

Alice in PolyLand Elite Fantasy Sensual Play Party – August 17 Would you like to experience a vividly sensual, playful, mysterious and pleasure-filled ELITE FANTASY EXPERIENTIAL PLAY PARTY? Are you ready to get one step closer towards expressing your deep seated sensual desires? Are you willing to step tiny little bit outside of your comfort […]

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Roses and Thorns Kink Party

Can’t wait till February 9th Kink Party! So many deviant plans… If you’re a Kink Tour Workshop Participant – please check your inbox for the Party rules, address and prepare to be amused and entertained! Forced Femme, naked slaves, impact play and so much more – are just some of the scenes that will take […]