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Kickstarter Personal Stories – Dad

Kickstarter Personal Stories – Dad Lovely, you know what happened today? I told my dad that I’d launched a Kickstarter campaign (… A bit of a background – my dad is a highly intellectual & intelligent man, with a PhD in engineering and a long standing love for writing with several published books up his […]


Connection: Self, SuperEgo

We are continuing on focusing on Connection with oneself! Do you like what you see? Please thank me with a like! 😉 SuperEgo is the internalized parental voice that frequently judges us. Becoming aware of this voice is the first step towards deeper awareness and self love. Many of us send harsh and judgemental messages […]

I see my parents

I see my parents

“I see my parents as tiny children that need love.” Louise Hay This affirmation is focusing on healing parent’child relationships… Could also work for any other type of relationships. We all have wounded children in us that at times get triggered… It’s helpful to understand this in the reactions of others as well as our […]