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All About Orgasms

Monthly Women’s Sexual Healing Circle Workshop Invite! Pleasure and Orgasms. Beautiful, soulful women and their loving partners/friends (please tag your women, they will thank you ;)! Are you interested in learning to experience profound pleasure, connection and heighten your orgasmic potential? Happy to extend the invitation to this amazing Women’s Circle opportunity to learn about […]

Women’s Circle: Warm Atmosphere

“I like the warm atmosphere. Enjoy hearing other women’s experiences and to be around people who can openly talk about sex and themselves as I learn to do it myself. I love all exercises! K. S. Monthly Women’s Circle The stories we share… oh my πŸ˜‰ And so much theory and practice is waiting for […]

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Feel so thankful – Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle “I’m so overwhelmed! Feel so thankful to myself and to you and all the girls who came today! O. A. Monthly Women’s Circle What happens in a women’s circle… stays in the circle lol Ok, ok, I’ll tell you a bit of what to expect… Lots of laughs, tonne of heart-felt sharing, zero […]

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Q & A: Porn and Orgasms

Porn and Orgasm Q: “Hi Evguenia, When masturbating I can climax every time, but with other people, I usually cannot.Β  I get too worried and doubtful to believe it’ll happen. Also, when self pleasuring, I tend to need to create porn in my head (which excludes my face) to get myself to orgasm.Β  I need […]

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Upcoming Workshop: Squirting

Sexual energy is our life force. It is alive, strong, passionate, velvety smooth and warm… It’s a wave of pleasure that lives and breathes in us. Wave of creativity, happiness and joy. A quick reminder about the upcoming workshop on Squirting and G spot orgasms. I’m happy to be leading it next week!! Only $25 […]