adventurous experience

Adventurous, Fun, Sensual

“Still feeling incredible after an adventurous, fun, sensual night on Thursday, guided by Evguenia (aka Alice). Gracefully and skillfully, Alice guided the first-time-curious-souls though the labyrinth of eyebrow-raising scenes and raw sensual desires, all the while ensuring the comfort of all of the participants. One couldn’t ask for a more masterful guide!” A. V., Financial […]

Sex Club show invite

Sex Club Show and Private Tour

Please mark your calendars! October 7th, 11pm is going to be an amazing fantasy show by yours truly and a gorgeous model. I will cover a few ways one could play at a club using elements of BDSM Consent, safe words and soft and hard limits Right on the spot viewers will come up with […]

Private Sex Club Tour and Show Aftermath

What a night! A few wild highlights included: A Live show with a gorgeous naked young woman tied to the cross, unable to move, blind-folded enjoying sensation play and an explosive beautiful orgasm (round of applause for my beautiful female volunteer on display and to my private tour participants who got to play with her […]