pains messengers

Pains are Messengers

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” Rumi Was just listening to Tony Robbins audio books on personal growth and he mentions that negative emotions serve a very powerful purpose: they signal that a change is needed. What should we do once we notice this signal? Listen, accept and utilize it. He suggests […]

your way home

Find your way home

“If the light is in your heart you will find your way home.” Rumi Just today we did a transformational healing session during which a client mentioned how they felt as if they had come home when they’ve met a special person. Later, when the time came to let go – it became very difficult […]

meditation energy

Meditation and Energy Protection Workshop

Private Meditation and Energy Protection Workshop went very well! We live in a sea of energy. Often, we just are not aware of energetic interactions that happen all around us… Think back to doing something you love – the sense of beautiful happy energy in your body and all around you? Your field most likely […]

Relationship Cord Story

Cord Healing Story Remember the woman from the previous post? The one that couldn’t quite let go of her ex partner? She kept thinking about him and reminiscing over the great times they’ve had… There was much pain in her heart and a pulling sensation in her solar plexus… How many of us are left […]

Energy Play

New workshop announcement!! Come one – come all! Connect with the Magic of energy healing and meditation, focus on relaxation and feel into the worlds that you thought never existed… Enjoy our cozy meditation circle: – Learn to meditate and relax – Sense into your energy centers and learn about chakras – Feel into energy […]


5. Cat Meditation {Catitation}   Hehe… Ever since I got a cat, I realized that a Cat Meditation might actually be one of the best mindfulness exercises I’ve come to know lol Take a purring cat Put a meditative music on Brush or pet your cat rhythmically while enjoying Nirvana Actually, pretty much any activity of your […]

Connection: Partner, Cocoon

Energetic Cocoon Do you want to feel held, completely accepted and loved? Would you like to take your connection with your partner to a whole new level? Then the following energetic exercise is for you. TIP: Laying down facing each other sharing a warm embrace, or even sitting in front of your partner cross legged […]

Connection: Partner, Sexuality

Opening Sexual Chakra Some of us are affected by various sexual blocks that may include various negative emotions towards sexuality (shame, guilt, judgements). The limiting thought patterns and negative emotions create blockages in our energy fields that eventually permeate the lower vibrating fields of our system and present themselves as physical diseases connected to our […]

Connection: Partner, Opening the Heart

Heart Chakra Chest pain or tightness is something you may feel after a heart brake… Separation, letting go or people we love or unresolved arguments may lead to a heart center starting to close ff. Blocks may start developing depending on how you deal with the feelings of sadness and despair. Negative emotions eventually start […]