Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other.” Rumi I believe that we are meant to be with people we meet and form deep connections with. To learn from, to grow, to experience, to exchange energy – give and receive. I believe that each person we meet fits as a beautiful puzzle piece into […]



Happy Love V. Day my dear ones! On this day and always I wish you lots of love! A beautiful sea of Self love – as that is the foundation of radiating the love outward. Simple ways of loving yourselves are: Looking into your own eyes in the mirror and telling yourself: “I love you” […]

relationship spice

Relationship Spice

Relationship Spice I have been married for 22 years… I know, I know – people don’t live that long 😉 The truth is, I’ve lived longer with my husband, then I have ever been on my own. Yet every day I discover something new about myself or him. We are, after all perfect mirrors for […]