Taboo Show, Free Tickets Winners’ Announcement

FREE TICKET Winners Announcement!

Thank you to those of you who participated in my ticket draw! And thank you so much to everyone for your support in sharing my Taboo Workshops with your friends, I really appreciate your help!

Taboo Show: Relationship Spice Workshop – October 14 – 16

Would you like to explore new fantasies, deepen your intimacy and connection with yourself and your partner?

Join my Relationship Spice workshop at which I’ll give you 10 tips on how to achieve just that! (no matter your age, background, sexual identity, orientation).

Taboo Show: Touch Free Energy Orgasms Workshop – October 14 – 16

Join my Touch Free Energy orgasm workshop and learn to activate your sexuality and take your confidence, pleasure and dating to the next level

As featured on Love, Sex and Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow, Energetic orgasm brings is healing, ecstatic, magical and multidimensional

Taboo Expert Speaker – Win a free ticket to the show!

Great News! I’ll be an expert speaker at the upcoming Taboo show in Toronto (Everything about sex show) October 14-16.

I will be teaching two brand new workshops: Touch free Energy Orgasms and Relationship Spice: 10 powerful tips to boost intimacy. I will also be hosting a Booth 522 close to the stage and will have 50% discount offerings and sexy giveaways – I really look forward to seeing you there!

LimitLESS – Sexuality

Many of us are unhappy in our sensual expression. Often, we’re afraid to voice / acknowledge our dreams and fantasies. And even if we are – it’s scary to first embark on the journey of inner exploration and sexual liberation because of the judgements society puts on us. There’s nothing more powerful and liberating than […]

LimitLESS – Transformation

Would you like to dive deeper with me? You’re invited to our FREE online Limitless Group Intro event where you’ll learn all about:

The tools and methodology used to create lasting healing and confidence boosting change
How to join the LimitLESS program
And how to uplevel your personal, professional life and better embrace intimate loving relationships

Get all the details and secure your FREE spot by clicking the Signing Up at

Energy Orgasm

Start Experiencing Energy Orgasms

Are you curious to Start Experiencing Energy Orgasms? Below are a few important steps I recommend you take on your journey towards this profound, touch free ecstatic phenomenon. Join my free upcoming Energy Orgasm webinar (or register to get a recording) to learn more:

The Grapefruit Male Pleasure Technique

I’m always up for testing out various pleasure techniques 😉 This one got some rave reviews recently! Want to spice things up and learn this new fellatio trick? Read on

Here’s how to perform the grapefruit technique according to Thought Catalogue article:

1. Get a grapefruit. Preferably a ruby red grapefruit. A large navel orange can be substituted if a grapefruit is unavailable.

Play Book Of Ideas

Sexy Play Date Ideas Booklet

Sexy Play Date Ideas Booklet

This 9-page booklet combines spicy, sexy and loving play ideas on how to enhance your current and future relationships as well as bring even more desire and passion into your life.


What if you really believed you were limitless? What if you felt confident, at peace, sensually open and playful? What if you connected with others with ease and could achieve anything you set your mind to?

I am so excited about the small yet powerful open-hearted group I’m launching in September, but I need your help with the name. Please vote for the following names: