Feeling energized, laughing, and loving myself

“My favorite part was when I felt and saw an exuberant orange color expanding from my sacral chakra out to the world and got up feeling energized, laughing, and loving myself. I want to tell all my friends how highly I recommend working with Evguenia!”

Force called sexuality

Force Called Sexuality

“This very force is closely connected to our life force, creativity and self-expression. The force called sexuality.” www.aliceinpolyland.com Have you noticed that your sensual nature is directly connected to feeling ‘alive’, creative and self expressed? No wonder, as it’s the same energy life force we all host inside. Tell me, what your life force is […]

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection What is spiritual connection to you? There’s no right or wrong answer here… Everything is welcome. Whatever it may be for different people – the nature, higher consciousness, universal energy, love… I believe that we all have a spark inside of us, a beautiful core essence, our own light. The light in us […]

Life Force: 03

So what does it take to accept and authentically express your sexuality, to listen to the voice within that leads you into the depths of who you truly are without a fear or worries about the judgments of others? We will go over a few topics that will aid at addressing these topics in more […]

life force 1

Life Force 01

I’d like to now talk to you guys about sexual shame, guilt, body awareness and confidence. Here’s a first part of the story I recently wrote on sexuality – i. e. our life force. I will share parts 2 and 3 over the next few days… …Deep within us lives a force – a powerful energy […]