Long Distance Energy Orgasm

Video: Long Distance Energy Orgasm (Kundalini rising)

Video: Long Distance Energy Orgasm (Kundalini rising) Imagine this: Long Distance Energy Orgasm Kundalini movement experience captured on video! How is it possible you ask? Here’s the formula for success: An amazingly sensitive, open and receptive client + A few prior training sessions + Quantum Physics concept of Entanglement = Spicy Hot Video showing this […]

energetic orgasm

Sex with Dr. Jess Published my Article – Energetic Orgasms

Thank you so much to amazing Jessica O’Reilly, Sex & Relationship Expert from Sex with dr. Jess for publishing my Blog Post on Energetic Orgasms. What do You Know About Energetic Orgasms I often get asked what do energetic orgasms feel like and how do you achieve one? My very first energetic orgasm was an ecstatic […]

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Energy Orgasm: P2

Energy Orgasm Part Two (To read Part One of Energy Orgasm Story please Click Here) He starts to involuntarily move with the rhythmical passes of her hands. Shocked by the palpable sensations going through his body without her directly touching him, he gasps. The amplitude of his bodily movement increases with each pass of the […]

Everything you can imagine is real quote


“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso I firmly believe that we solidify our reality. When we believe in something hard enough – we solidify our visions, hopes and dreams in our imaginations, hearts and minds. When we Hold Intention strongly enough… Eventually we start living our dreams. What is it that you’d like […]