Magnificent timeless essence

What if you were not just your body… But shimmering vast, powerful and brilliant soul? Would that change how you live your life? Just finished a powerful Healing session with a client on a journey of self exploration. He really wanted to feel his essence and connect to his soul. Deep healing, guided meditation and […]

I'm mine

I’m mine

“I’m mine before I am ever anyone else’s” Nayyirah Waheed Had a deep conversation with a friend recently on a dark, lonely void that a lot of time we all feel inside. You know that sensation of something missing inside one;s chest or around the solar plexus? That we’re trying to fill by… relating to […]

Own Your Pleasure – Photos

Feeling so grateful for the ability to be in the flow with life and do what I love. Feeling grateful to BE WHO I AM. Most of the time anyway 😉 I look at these photos and see a playful, seductive, sensual and confident woman. It hasn’t always been this way – being comfortable in […]

Life Loves the liver of it

Life loves

“Life loves the liver of it.” Maya Angelou Comment with makes you feel alive!! Share with those you love most.

All great achievements require time

Great Achievements

“All great achievements require time.” Maya Angelou What would you like to achieve? My dream is to a stadium of people together and teach them all how to have an energy orgasm simultaneously 😉

nothing will work unless you do

Nothing will work unless you do

“Nothing will work unless you do.” Maya Angelou Knowing your goals in the next 3-5 years and setting up little milestones along the way ensures steady progress. What are you striving towards?

we may encounter many defeats

We must not be defeated

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” Maya Angelou Keep following your dreams, the difference between winners and losers is in the number of times one tries 😉 What are you dreaming about?


Connect: Self, Mask

We all wear masks. Often. At some point in our lives we’ve created (with the outside help) an idealized image of who we need to be. This idealized version then becomes a mask one wears… Whenever you’d like to attract more love, get a better job position, project a certain image – the Mask Self […]

kink party

The King’s English Kink Party – Aftermath

Kink party was a success! Thank you so much to the fabulous organizer for such a great event! And for showing us the art of impact play! Let’s just say some of us may not be able to comfortably sit for a few days ? So proud of my private tour participants – coming out […]