How to not feel jealous

Q & A: How to not Feel Jealous

How to not Feel Jealous Q: Dear Evguenia, I’m in an open relationship and feel jealousy quite often. Are there any suggestions you could make in order for me to feel a bit better? J. T. A: Dear J. T., thank you for the great question. Jealousy is an emotion that comes up quite a […]


Jealousy – the Green-eyed monster

Jealousy – the Green-eyed monster I have met some amazing people in life that have never felt a sense of jealousy.  They always freely shared their loved ones, felt secure in themselves, confident in their relationships and very emotionally stable. [Un]fortunately, I never was one of these lucky people! I remember the very first time […]


Love is sufficient onto love

“Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for the love is sufficient onto love.” Khalil  Gibran Our society has it all wrong. It equates love with possessiveness… In actuality the truth of the matter is letting our loved ones be free and allowing love to flow out of its own accord is the natural […]

Creative Use of Jealous

Creative use of Jealousy – Reader’s Tips

Jealousy affects many of us – while most of us experience it as a mild discomfort, others may be affected by strong surges of anger, fear, loss of control… Jealousy could even result in a crime of passion in some extreme situations… Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could turn jealousy around and make it […]