Energy Orgasm Explained

Energy Orgasm – Explained

I’ve realized that many of you don’t know what Energy Orgasm is. To me, this is a pinnacle experience of multidimensional pleasure, profound depth, emotional high and intellectual explosion all at once! Could be combined with physical play, BDSM, Tantra or just enjoyed as pure spiritual experience. Falling into past lifetimes, feelings like a huge […]

ups and downs between sheets

Between the sheets

“May all your ups and downs be between the sheets.” KinkyCuteQuotes I like that!  Can we set the intention on this? Comment what your goals are! xoxo

We fit so good together

So good together

“We fit so good together.” Mmmm… Who can relate? Perfect fit – in steamy sexual ways… In curling up together to share long day’s stories. In discussing the most profound topics or just laughing our heads off! Like and comment – how do you fit together?

Woman sitting among flowers

Staying in Shape: P3

Exercise and Lifestyle To check out Part One of the Staying in Shape Series Please Follow this Link , Part Two is Here. Exercise Listen to your body, take exercise at your own level, gently push your comfort limits to grow My routine includes 2 days a week of intense cardio (step) and 1-2 of muscle […]

October newsletter sexed, healing events

Newsletter – October: Healing Sexual events

Let’s continue with warm temperatures into October  – event if the weather doesn’t cooperate 🙂 Join me to keep the hearts warm with acceptance and love, keep our bodies spicy and pleasure-filled and our minds – playfully sharp! Did I mention a sparkling soulful essence? October Newsletter is up – contains all of that and […]

We fit so good together

Fit so good

“We fit so good together.” That feeling!! Can you relate? Please like, tag and share 😉 Need to adjust for a better fit? Fret no more and contact me @Spiritsexlab

make you happy

Grab those things that make you happy

“Grab those things that make you happy.” Go towards what you love with strength. Imagine already having all of the wonderful experiences you’re striving towards and be grateful as those you already posses all of the happiness in the world. This seems to be direct path to manifesting all of the desires and needs. xoxo

Me. You. Bed. Now.

Me. You.

“Me. You. Bed. Now.” Raimonda B. Current Mood 🙂 Please like, tag & share with those you feel passionately about!

kinky shot

Kinky Shoot

Hi guys, we had such an exciting day yesterday!! First, my special friend and I had our makeup and hair done for three!! hours. Then we met up with a great photographer and a super awesome rope artist and shot quite a few sexy kink scenes together. Later on, we were joined by my partner […]

It’s not

“It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” Edmund Hillary I find this quote to be very true. I’m the one stopping myself most of the time.  All limitations in our mind are quite relative. Take one little step towards your goal today and a few new doors will open on the way to achieving your […]