what do I desire

What do I desire?

“It is so importance to answer this question: What do I desire?”
Alan Watts

Right now for me – Connection. What word comes to mind for you?

Life loves

“Life loves the liver of it.” Maya Angelou Are you living your life to the fullest? The single most important awareness gift I’ve received following my #thyroidcancer healing journey was to live each day as if it were my last. This life is given to us to fully enjoy and authentically align with who we […]

Miracles come in moments

Miracles come in moments

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” Wayne Dyer Some of my miracle moments: Launching Kickstarter Campaign tomorrow with my Alice in PolyLand Erotic +Practical tips book!! Woo-hoo stay tuned! Ability to be here now without being upset about the past or worrying about the future Spending time with family Connecting. Loving. Comment with […]

sit In the Ocean

Sit in the ocean

“Sit in the ocean. It is one of the best medicines on the planet – the water.” Nayyirah Waheed. Do you guys agree? Tell me how you use water in your life!! I love watching water as it flows by – reminding me that all worries will be washed away “This too shall pass” Creaks […]

Expect sadness like rain

Sadness and Rain – Cleanse

“Expect Sadness like you expect rain. Both cleanse you.” Nayyirah Waheed Most of us try to avoid feeling ‘negative’ emotions. We have an expectation that everything is our lives should be balanced, positive and expansive. We do live in the duality and sadness, anger, fear, contraction and pain exist. Comment if you think our expectations […]

If the ocean can calm itself

If the ocean can calm itself

“If the ocean can calm itself so can you. We’re both salt water mixed with air.” Nayyirah Waheed How do you calm yourself? For me at times it gets pretty tough… Here are a few techniques I tend to use. Please share yours <3 Managing Difficult Emotions (Part 1): https://www.spiritsexlab.com/2017/11/21/managing-difficult-emotions-p1/ Managing Difficult Emotions (Part 2): https://www.spiritsexlab.com/2017/11/28/managing-difficult-emotions-p2/ […]

open up

Open up

“I loved how you listened to me and helped me open up!” D. S. Private Session It’s my pleasure to hold the space for you when you come. To let you become aware of tightness, discomfort and energy blockages you may be holding in your body and your field. It’s my absolute pleasure to teach […]

Life Loves the liver of it

Life loves

“Life loves the liver of it.” Maya Angelou Comment with makes you feel alive!! Share with those you love most.

Energy Play

Feel the Unseen Energy all around us

Feel the Unseen Energy all around us Imagine, we were not our bodies, but vibrational fields of various frequencies. Imagine there’s another dimension to our lives that is non physical, yet spiritual in nature. Imagine you could feel the Energy, learn more about it and use it for personal growth, to bring more miracles and […]

nothing will work unless you do

Nothing will work unless you do

“Nothing will work unless you do.” Maya Angelou Knowing your goals in the next 3-5 years and setting up little milestones along the way ensures steady progress. What are you striving towards?