make you happy

Grab those things that make you happy

“Grab those things that make you happy.” Go towards what you love with strength. Imagine already having all of the wonderful experiences you’re striving towards and be grateful as those you already posses all of the happiness in the world. This seems to be direct path to manifesting all of the desires and needs. xoxo

sex is about power

Sex is about Power

“Everything in the world is about sex, except sex is about power.” Oscar Wilde Aligning with the sexual force within is very empowering. Fantasizing, creating and playing around with various concepts and going outside of the regular routine (PIV – Penis in Vagina) brings lots of excitement, empowerment and self exploration! How do you experience […]



“Where there is ruin. There is hope for a treasure.” Rumi How true! Any “negative” experience I’ve had – always came with a few positive outcomes and many valuable teachings! In fact, whenever I feel like a victim of circumstances or just simply don’t like what is happening, I try very hard to find three […]