Practitioner Certification – Last Call!

Don’t miss it, register here! The doors close at 5pm on Wednesday, and the sooner you register the sooner you can jump into our online portal, receive Zoom links for live bi-weekly sessions and meet the other incredible people who will be there!

LimitLESS – Last Call!

Our group is carefully curated so you can make real connections with open minded and open-hearted people who get you and you can turn to for support. The group is capped at 7 people to promote deeply healing trust-building connections we need to flourish and grow

LimitLESS FREE Webinar tonight

Limitless is designed to help you connect authentically and explore together, to give you multiple diverse perspectives on yourself and your life, to give you a place to share, and process life outside of friends and family. To give you bi-weekly deeply authentic “me” time.

LimitLESS – Behind the scenes

Want to know what goes on behind the closed doors of powerfully honest small group called LimitLESS?

Please see for yourself

We have access to state-of-the-art online portal with multiple helpful resources and practices from powerful and sexually liberating Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery program and deep healing Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace
Wonderful small group bi-weekly Zoom small group sessions of getting support and having honest, direct conversations with incredible humans focused on open discussions about life, relationships, dating, sexual confidence, love, hands-on sexy skills and personal growth
One on one email / on demand Zoom calls focused on personal process, homework feedback and deep healing
Many extras also include complimentary pdf copy of Alice in PolyLand book, discounted access to one on one sessions and so much more!

LimitLESS – Transformation

Would you like to dive deeper with me? You’re invited to our FREE online Limitless Group Intro event where you’ll learn all about:

The tools and methodology used to create lasting healing and confidence boosting change
How to join the LimitLESS program
And how to uplevel your personal, professional life and better embrace intimate loving relationships

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LimitLESS – I’m so excited for fall!

I’m so excited about LimitLESS group that is starting this fall! It’s comprised of up to 7 incredible humans supporting each other through open conversations about relationships, personal growth and sexuality. Each time we meet for our 1.5h bi-weekly classes we cover a different topic, and open our hearts and minds. Some of the topics […]

Sex Club Tour April 22 Story

So many of you wanted to hear what actually took place at our recent Sex Club tour! Well, let me tell you – it was a beautiful experience!

We all met 2 days prior to going in and connected to everyone via Zoom. This gave us an opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, go over expectations, safety, enjoy sexy trivia and learn more about sex clubs and kink world and lifestyles. Everyone loved the format of setting intentions and meeting participants prior to going in!

Personal development, relationships and sexuality survey

What an emotionally challenging week! Between Putin invading Ukraine, sow lift of Covid restrictions and my birthday celebrations – my heart is full of conflicting emotions and thoughts. It feels like the whole world is on the edge! Please comment if you van relate <3 I'm also currently in the process of creating offers focused on helping deepening connection with self and others, overcoming emotional, mental and spiritual blockages; and creating lives full of unsurpassed passion, pleasure & authenticity

Couple’s Mission Statement

This past 2nd anniversary with The Mystery Man, part of my present to him included a little book guiding us to come up with our couple’s mission statement. Couple’s mission statement is a great way to align our goals, dreams, have a deep heart to heart conversation on what we’d like our relationship to be. Below is a quick and powerful guide on creating a mission statement – it’s a great idea for established couples, new partners or singles thinking about the type of relationship we’d like to create.