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Spirit Sex Lab Newsletter – August 2020

Spirit Sex Lab newsletter – August 2020

Come and join our playful laboratory where we discover personal growth, pleasure and desire-related topics and helpful tips.
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what do I desire

What do I desire?

“It is so importance to answer this question: What do I desire?”
Alan Watts

Right now for me – Connection. What word comes to mind for you?


Spirit Sex Lab Newsletter – October / November ’19

Spirit Sex Lab newsletter – October / November, 2019 Are you part of Spirit Sex Lab family? Come and join our playful laboratory where we discover everything personal growth, pleasure and spice related. Imagine my account would get blocked and you’d never hear from me again  I’d miss you terribly! Please see my Latest Newsletter and Subscribe:

Surprise Steamy Rope Scene at the Adult Club Tour

We’re planning an incredible hot scene for the adult club tour on October 26th ( that will involve a beautiful woman and an incredible rope artist (included in the cost of the tour).

highly recommend

I would recommend her to anyone

“Evguenia was very impressive. She was not only extremely knowledgeable, but had real life experiences that really tied in to the material. She is very professional and I could recommend her to anyone.”

B. O.
Long Distance Sexual Guidance Session

Awe! Thank you so much! Want to test it out and see whether our sessions may be helpful? Now offering a 6 session transformation package – do you have blockages you’d like to release, improves self confidence and embrace the wilder version of you? Contact me for a sexy transformation package info 😉

KINK 101 Guided Tour & Workshop – September 14, 2019

KINK 101 Guided Tour & Workshop: Catch me at a wonderful The King’s English Kink Party (September 14, 2019)

You can find me at this awesome kink event by Alex Dark! The party is a Fabulous Night of Proper English, Behaviour and Discipline at Mistress Patricia Marsh’s exquisite Dungeon. This Victorian house is totally dedicated to BDSM play with 6 fantasy chambers. It is the perfect place to explore ones “deviant” desires and sadomasochistic fantasies.

"My ideal body weight is yours on mine." Lol. What's your ideal body weight? P. S. share with your loved ones :)

Ideal body weight

“My ideal body weight is yours on mine.”

Lol. What’s your ideal body weight? P. S. share with your loved ones 🙂

incredible facilitator

Incredible Fascilitator

“People said they loved the workshop and thoughts you were an incredible facilitator. It was excellent as always.”

Women’s Pleasure Workshop Aftermath

It felt so good to teach about 4 types of orgasms to a wonderful, open minded and hearted audience that consisted of successful and driven women of Eastern European descent. Everyone who’s immigrated from former USSR can relate to how closed-minded the views on sexuality were, how basic sexual education was out of reach for […]