Connected to myself

“Treatment wise I think it really hit me only when I got home, I was on auto pilot when I left. It was almost overwhelming to be connected to myself on those levels. I actually canceled my plans for tonight because I feel I don’t want to share myself with anybody.” T. S., Energy Orgasm […]

Intention Manifestation

Intention Manifestation

Intention Manifestation Often, we struggle with intention manifestation regardless of how much we’d like to achieve something. Aligned Level of Intention (yet another dimension of our energetic configuration) helps one manifest their dreams and embody their passions. Intention healing includes a few very powerful techniques on bringing one’s fantasies and hopes into the reality. Experience the […]

emotional balance

Emotional Balance

Emotional Balance Humans are emotional beings… Often times emotions may run deep and manifest quite strongly in us by taking us completely out of the comfort zones. Furthermore, we may have patterns or reactions and defence mechanisms that could negatively affects our emotional balance or other people. Other times – we may not even be […]