Intention Manifestation

Intention Manifestation

Intention Manifestation Often, we struggle with intention manifestation regardless of how much we’d like to achieve something. Aligned Level of Intention (yet another dimension of our energetic configuration) helps one manifest their dreams and embody their passions. Intention healing includes a few very powerful techniques on bringing one’s fantasies and hopes into the reality. Experience the […]

level of intention

Human Energy Field: Level of Intention

Level of Intention So what lies beyond all of this you say… Beyond the chakras and the energy field that surround us? Energy healers and clairvoyants would tell you that there’s an even deeper level called the Level of Intention. You see, if consciousness is primary and matter (lower vibrating energy) – secondary, the way […]

Everything you can imagine is real quote


“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso I firmly believe that we solidify our reality. When we believe in something hard enough – we solidify our visions, hopes and dreams in our imaginations, hearts and minds. When we Hold Intention strongly enough… Eventually we start living our dreams. What is it that you’d like […]