warm, intelligent, wise and kind

Warm, intelligent, wise and calm woman

“You’re such a warm, intelligent, wise and calm woman. I enjoyed your presence. And the way you treat your clients and business. Just wanted to share my gratitude with you.” A. B. Real Estate Agent Such a kind reflection! You should see me when I get defensive lol Aren’t we all work in progress? Join […]

happy customer review

Enlightening, liberating and healing

Enlightening, Liberating and Healing Counseling “Whatever the reason you are seeking counseling with her is, I guarantee that just speaking with her would be enlightening, liberating, and healing. I strongly recommend all her Services, although I have not tried them all yet, just based on the beautiful experience I had with her on my counseling”. […]


Help opening up and addressing the real person

“I am skeptic turned believer. It’s not rocket science, but it takes the right kind of person to help you open up and address the real you. Whatever struggles you face in real life, I highly recommend giving Evguenia a chance to get to know you. She’s a kind soul with a good heart, and […]

Huge Change

“It was like a light switch turned on. I didn’t turn into a sappy mess in my profession, but I did start pouring good energy and strong focus into my personal life. After being so open and honest, I felt like I could finally see a path to what I wanted. This was a huge […]