such a delight!

Such a delight!

Thank you for your kind words. I’m so grateful to be doing what I love with such awesome people!!

How are you today?

Mega Energy Boost Happiness

Mega Energy Boost – Happiness / Gratitude

Mega Energy Boost – Happiness / Gratitude Yesterday, I found out that a wonderful woman who was a healer, a burlesque dancer and a supernova has passed away. She has lost a long battle with cancer, but she did it with such a grace and courage… She’s been incredibly inspirational to so many and I’m […]

Miracles come in moments

Miracles come in moments

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” Wayne Dyer Some of my miracle moments: Launching Kickstarter Campaign tomorrow with my Alice in PolyLand Erotic +Practical tips book!! Woo-hoo stay tuned! Ability to be here now without being upset about the past or worrying about the future Spending time with family Connecting. Loving. Comment with […]

thank you

Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Grateful for food on our tables, warmth in our hearts, sexiness of our thoughts lol How are you celebrating?


Whole Body Scan

Whole Body Scan report was short and sweet: “Residual activity is noted in the neck. There is no evidence of distal metastases.” Meaning the treatment has worked and my #thyroidcancer prognosis / cure rates are great. Thank you guys for being here for me! I felt so supported and held!! It’s time to celebrate. Love […]


Upcoming Workshop and Gratitude

Wanted to thank everyone for your outpouring words of support, love and care! I’m blessed to have so many kind people in my life! You rock!! Times are a bit confusing, emotional and tough for me right now. Surgery went well, however, the cancer has turned out to be more aggressive than we thought. I’m […]

my day begins

My day begins

“My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy.” Louise Hay

testimonial about Evguenia as a great communicator

Evguenia is a Charming Communicator

“Evguenia is a charming communicator surging with positive energy and intuition. Coming to her for counseling, I was thinking: “What does she have to say that I have not read or heard about before?!” Then as soon as she opened the door with a wide friendly smile, even though I was a few minutes late, […]

testimonial on a healing session

More Energized and Balanced

“Following the session I felt more energized and balanced. I think I was more content with myself and the outside world. I really enjoyed the session and will recommend it to anybody – at least try it!” Yes, that pretty much sums it up. During our Healing Sessions I often focus on Charging, repairing and balancing […]

I am grateful for my healthy body

I am grateful for my healthy body

“I am grateful for my healthy body.” Louise Hay This is a great affirmation for me! Daily practice rocks 🙂 I am continuing with Louise Hay’s affirmations for the next couple of weeks as when our intention is set – we’re well on our way towards our goals. The best way to use her affirmations […]