Very insightful, caring and skilled.

“Evguenia is very insightful and caring and skilled. I struggle to find anything negative to say whatsoever. This was exactly what I was looking for. I felt very connected to my core essence, and I especially appreciated the energetic restructuring of the heart chakra which seemed exactly what I needed.”

The session was excellent, even perfect

“This session was totally excellent, I’m compelled to even say perfect, exactly how an energy healing sessions like this should be! Exemplary! It was very timely and organized, and yet still relaxed and fully present. I felt very heard and seen and accepted and supported, and I really am amazed at all I could feel from a session over the internet!”

Feel at ease and comfortable

Feel at Ease and Comfortable

“Evguenia has a magical ability to make one feel at ease and comfortable right from the start. I easily opened up to her and experiences very powerful energy healing first form a Kundalini workshop and then from an energy healing personal session.” A. K. Thank you so much! Very grateful for your kind reflection! Many […]

warm, intelligent, wise and kind

Warm, intelligent, wise and calm woman

“You’re such a warm, intelligent, wise and calm woman. I enjoyed your presence. And the way you treat your clients and business. Just wanted to share my gratitude with you.” A. B. Real Estate Agent Such a kind reflection! You should see me when I get defensive lol Aren’t we all work in progress? Join […]

women's circle testimoonial

Openness, respect and acceptance

“I really appreciated the personality of the presenter, as well as her openness, respect and acceptance of others and knowledge that she shared.” A. G. Monthly Women’s Circle Come check out for yourself! All about orgasms workshop happening this very Sunday at 10.00am. xoxo

excellent feedback

Excellent feedback

“Excellent Feedback from the event!” Fatima Mechtab, Marketing Manager / Event Producer Oasis Aqualounge I’ve been so fortune to be able to teach at Oasis Aqualounge. I just love the atmosphere of this wonderful upscale sex-positive venue that promotes confidence, inclusivity and safe creative play. I have introduced multiple people to the venue and everyone has […]

place to open up

A perfectly safe, comfortable, relaxed place to open up

” A perfectly safe, comfortable, relaxed place to open up, ask, discuss, air, learn, change. I with I met you earlier.” Y. S. Wow, this means a lot to me – I really do strive to be as non judgmental as possible and work hard at creating safe and welcoming space for clients to share […]

sex education sessions

She always encourages to explore further

“We love how she always encourages to explore further with no judgment and in very positive way. My husband and I took a few workshops and private session and can not thank Evguenia enough for the changed we had in out personal life.” K. S. Yes, I always encourage clients to explore their desires further […]

Amazing teacher and healer

Amazing teacher and healer

My clients are too kind to me 🙂 “… Evguenia is an amazing teacher and healer. Her personality makes talking about sex and desires so natural and esy. She has broad knowledge and experience to answer all the questions and concerns which one might have.” K. S.  


Get the most out of each session

“Regardless of your experience, with her various processes and techniques, she will walk you through the process step by step and help you get the most out of each session.” C. P., Life Coach Mmmmm… Thank you!