Relationships – Renewing Sexual Spark

I have been married for 24 years… I know, I know – people don’t live that long The truth is, I’ve lived longer with my husband, then I have ever been on my own. Yet every day I discover something new about myself or him. We are, after all perfect mirrors for each other. Learning […]

relationship spice

Relationship Spice Workshop – Aftermath

So many workshops, just this weekend The Nookie has hosted me for another sexy intimate event on how to spice up the relationships. We’ve shared some ideas on how to keep things exciting, new and playful. Lots of self-awareness exercises and even some deep energy work. Feeling grateful!!

adding spice and playfulness to relationships

Upcoming Workshop: Relationship Spice

One more upcoming workshop (time to focus on pleasure and higher vibrating energies) : Adding Spice and Playfulness into Established Relationships. Once a New Relationship Energy dissipates (that feeling of being in love and in lust you initially get with a new partner), it’s normal to feel less excitement with regards to an established relationship… […]